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Ophthalmic Filling Line 200upm

Complete Solution from Unscrambling, Filling, Weighing, Plugging & Capping

“OphthaFill’ - The Aseptic Ophthalmic Complete Filling Solution

Meet our “OphthaFill’ - The Aseptic Ophthalmic Complete Filling Solution from Unscrambling, Filling, Weighing, Capping & Plugging up to production speed 200upm with Industrial 4.0 features.

It is suitable to run both 3-pieces & 2-pieces preservative free container in Aseptic Class A Laminar or RABS Environment with Real Time OEE & 100% Weight IPC.

With Full Servo Driven Aseptic Filling System for Ophthalmic is design to adapt variety of packaging material & enables quick change over ability.

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Software are developed compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

With Machine IoT, the machine OEE Data are collected and visualized in real-time anytime, anywhere by any smartphone or PC.

The collected data can be drilled down to the month, week, day or batch.

The data can be further automatic analyze via machine learning for predictive maintenance purpose with notification alert.

This will have more Efficient & SMART Equipment Management.

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Vibratory Sorter

Empty containers are orientated by a Vibratory Sorter or Rotary Sorter depends on the speed require.


Both are design without air jets used, to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Rotary Valve-less Piston Pump

Thanks to Rotary Valve-less Piston Pump design which is constructed in Stainless Steel 316L material or ceramics.

It is fully driven by Servo Motor with filling volume adjust via HMI to ensure high filling accuracy with high repeatability.

Oxygen sensitive products can be installed Nitrogen Flushing before, during and after the filling process to reduce the oxygen content within the container headspace to further extend the product self-life.

100% In Process Control

100% in Process Control of filling weight system by tare in an empty container and tare out the filled container to obtain the net filling weight check.

The out of range product will be rejected lane automatically without machine stop.

Smart Rejection System to 100% detect any deviation products on Filling, Plugging or Capping, Reject without stopping the line.

Tare iN .jpg
Capping & Unloading.jpg

Servo Driven Capping System

Servo driven capping system to ensure the capping application torque are always Consistent,


Repeatability & Quickset by just a click at HMI. No wear and tear capping chuck.

Quick Product Conversion with just a click. No mechanical hand wheel for height adjustment.

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International Premium Brand 

Our unwavering dedication to quality is reflected in the meticulous selection of premium and branded components for every machine we construct. By exclusively incorporating top-tier materials, we ensure that our machines not only meet but exceed industry standards, allowing them to perform at peak efficiency.

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Our Story 

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Design Dept.jpg

MH started in 1998, Founded by Mr Ooi Meng Huat as a Customize Automation System Design Provider in an MNC company in Penang, Malaysia.

In 2002, with the Purpose of Quality shouldn't be unaffordable especially for generic drug manufacturer. We started to design and manufacture MH brand Standard Filling System for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries with Co-founder Mr Jeff Chong Chin Guan. Both are from engineer to entrepreneur. 

With the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & CE Marked Certification in place, we continue to design and manufacture the Filling System that complies with the GMP, FDA, GAMP & PIC/s International Standards and requirements. 

With nearly two decades of passion in design and manufacturing filling systems, we have successfully supplied 80% of Malaysia Pharma Manufacturers for their Filling Line. 

Besides Malaysia, we have built more than 30 references in ASIA countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh some of them are among the TOP 10 of the respective countries.

With the joining of our 2nd generation successor, we will together bring this value further to the global marketplace. We believe that high quality must be affordable has become our official brand Tagline

" Premium Affordable". 

Customer Reference

So far, we have installed nearly 400units of complete filing lines for more than 125 customers to the Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic industries in the ASIA and North Africa region. 

International Customer Reference

Internationanl Client_edited.jpg

Domestic Customer Reference

Domestic Client Base.jpg



Mr. Ananda Rajah
(Senior Manager Eng.)

" In 2015, we started our 1st MH Filling Line for irrigation solutions.

In 2016, we purchased 2nd Complete Line for Hemodialysis Concentrated product. 

In 2019, we confirmed another production speed 150bpm from unscrambling to carton checkweigher. 

We are recommending MH Bottling packaging system for any company wish to have GOOD Quality with Reasonable Price."


Mr. Boonyarit Kitcharoenroj 
(Managing Director) 

"We spent 4 months analyzing before buying our first MH's Liquid Line.


However, we decided our second line in just 4 days."


Mr. Chan Win An
(Maintenance Manager)

" MH is our machine supplier since year 2005. Our factories (Pharma, Herbal & Foliar Fertilizer) completed all version of their Liquid Filler from 1st Version till the latest 3rd version. 

Good after-sales support & Quick responding to issues make MH our favorite's machine supplier.


We have extend our machine purchase from Liquid Filler, Auto Labelling Machine, Fluid Bed Dryer to the recent purchase of Auger Filler Machine that support our Penicillin's plant.

We will definitely recommend MH to others. 


Mr. Gan JY 
(Engineering Manager) 

"We had been using several types of sticker labelling machine supplied by MH for years.

Based on our past experience, MH never failed in rendering good after sales services & technical supports.

I would recommend MH to any company who are expecting positive service attitude & reasonable pricing


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Please share us URS or take 1 minute to fill in the Google Form to quote you the best price. 


We'd love to hear from you

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Add: 20, 22 & 24, Lorong IKS Juru 3, Kawasan Perusahaan Juru, Simpang Ampat, 14100 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

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Tel: +604-507 7706       Fax: +604-507 6577  

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